• LA Family Farms is a single-source facility; they really do everything in-house From rolling pre-rolls, to making the hash, to hunting, to growing it, to distributing it, to doing pads. La Family Farms truly believes it's all about putting the plant and flower first, and that everything else will fall into place after that.

  • In today's episode, LA Family Farms breaks down how you achieve longevity in the cannabis industry, building a successful cannabis brand and how first impressions with consumers can make or break a brand. And for our growers listening we talk about the three staples of cultivation; controlling your environment, solid genetics, and irrigation. This episode is jam-packed with knowledge for anyone in the culture

  • LA Family Farms would like to thank the people that help us get here from their family, Moe, and Jackie to Chris and Gabriel. Lastly to team especially Alexis which is someone who is appreciated beyond measure for helping them with branding and design

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